Evelyn Lieb

MA, NCC, LPC-Resident


I am a Licensed Counseling Resident. Recently, I graduated with a Master Degree in Forensic Psychology as well as Master Degree in Clinical and Mental Health from Marymount University in Virginia. In January 2021 I started an internship at Counseling and Forensic Services Inc. in Virginia and have now transitioned into Residency there. Many of my clients have been under the age of 18 though I do see all ages and have been working with a wide range of difficulties. I also have experience co-facilitating Sex Offender and Battered Intervention Program groups. 

Originally, I am from Germany and have lived in Berlin and the Mannheim/Heidelberg area. I am a state certified teacher in kindergarten (Erzieherin) and spend one year each working with handicapped adults and children. 

When working with clients, I try my best to create a space in which (particularly younger clients) can feel safe. I focus on the strengths of the individual and allow each client to tell their own story. I understand that sometimes obstacles we encounter can be overwhelming and frightening. My role is more that of a guide helping individuals through a process that allows them to prioritize what is truly important to them, laying out steps on how to reach their goals while also finding their way back to a place of calm and peace.

Currently, I live in DC with my husband, two girls, and two very curious and mischievous kittens.


Nationally Certified Counselor, NBCC

Licensed Professional Counselor – Resident License Number: #0704014569

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