The enneagram is an ancient personality tool. “Ennea” means “Nine” and “gram” means “point” translating to nine-point. The enneagram consists of nine specific numbers and how they relate to each other. Unlike other personality tests, the enneagram focuses mostly on our motivations, not our behaviors.

Are you stuck in a life transition? Have you thought that coaching could help? I became a certified enneagram coach in early 2021 after studying the enneagram personally for years. I fell in love with the “spot-on” descriptions of how I felt, and how I related to others in my family and in the workplace.

Interested in the enneagram and not sure where to start? Together we will determine your number! This involves a 45 minute written test, followed by a 45-90 minute typing session. Once we determine your number we can determine how to best guide your discovery.

Are you a business owner or manager and looking to improve your workplace culture? I offer small group sessions that include pre-typing all employees, and then tailoring a presentation to meet the needs of your group. When finished I have a follow-up session with you to give guidance on how best to connect with each of the members of your group.

ServiceTime CommitmentFee
Full Enneagram Typing Session45-90 minutes$200
Enneagram Consultation Session60 minutes$150
Enneagram Workshop (up to 8 people)90 minutes$900
Larger group? Know your type but looking for guidance? Message me!
Certified Enneagram Coach from Enneagram University https://www.theenneagramuniversity.com/
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