Wonder Kid

Is your child worried? Do you want to support them but are nervous about where to begin? Would your child benefit from knowing they aren’t the only kid who feels this way? Join us for a strength-based group to give tools to both you and your child!!

This book club is for anxious kids in grades 1-3 (or close to that.)  We will use one of Karen Young’s books “Hey Warrior” or “Hey Awesome” to learn more about physical symptoms of anxiety in our body and how to manage them.  Each individually tailored group will explore play based therapy techniques to learn coping strategies, calming techniques and mindfulness.  Anxiety can present as worrying, anger, distraction and can often feel very lonely.  Kid groups help us all learn that we belong!

Email in order to register your child or find out when the next group will be held! $600 group fee due upon registration and includes the book and trinkets!

Anxiety group for Boys

Weekly peer support group for boys ages 8-10 and 11-13 struggling with anxiety and big feelings! This group meets on Sundays at 5 and 6pm and is held in person in Del Ray. This group is $100/session with superbills provided monthly. Email to be screened for this group.

Wonder Girl

Did you know girls start to lose confidence starting at age 8?  Katy Kay and Claire Shipman wrote an amazing book for women, then adapted it for girls.  “The Confidence Code for Girls” is full of information and life lessons we can all benefit from.  This small group is for girls in grades 4-6 to build a strong bond with others, look deep inside and understand our strengths, and give girls the tools to thrive with friends, family and in life.

Once girls complete this group, they are invited to a free MONTHLY group to reconnect and have fun. The Wonder Girl community is strong and supportive, what every young lady needs!

Email in order to register or find out when the next group will be held. $600 covers group registration, book and journal!

Wonderologie PRIDE

LGBTQ+ youth are at an increased risk of bullying, self-harm, and suicide. Our job as parents is to ensure that our children are supported where they are. There are so many social constructs that can leave us unsure of exactly how to BEST support our kids. One thing we CAN do is to encourage them to share feelings with others in a supportive and constructive environment.

Does your child identify with the LGBTQ+ community? Are you looking for a place to support them in their gender/sexuality journey? Join others who are looking for a similar group, in a safe place to share thoughts and feelings. Everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted!

If you are a parent of an LGBTQ+ youth and are looking for resources as a parent, please email to sign up or get more information!

Preschool Anxiety Group

Is your preschooler having big feelings about school or friends? Are they displaying a lot of hesitance or worry and having trouble settling back down? This is a play-based therapy group designed to help teach your child how to work through their feelings. We will cover grounding techniques, breath work, and a variety of coping mechanisms. Being in a group allows these kids to create connections with others by learning and supporting together.

This group is a 6 week long session that will meet once a week. We will require a payment of $600 upon registration. If you would like more information or to register, please email

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