Therapy comes in many forms, and each therapist has their own specialties and areas of expertise. In my experience an integrated approach to the client and family works best. I use a variety of person-centered, play therapy, CBT, DBT while integrating the theories of Adler, Gestalt, and Existentialism. Each session is different and completely dedicated to the client’s needs at that particular time.

Working with children is my specialty, and with this comes my desire to support parents along the way. Some sessions will focus on client work, while others will focus on parental support and consultation. My main areas of interest include anxiety, depression, autism, children with chronic illness and/or extended hospitalizations, and elite athletes. I particularly like to incorporate somatic experiences in therapy, including yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique AKA “Tapping”), and Havening.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length, 30 minutes for younger clients. Parent sessions are also 50 minutes. Virtual or in-person sessions are available and will be discussed individually with you, based on vaccination status and personal comfort. My office is large and sunny, with a variety of tools that I use to connect with clients, including paints, sand trays, books, Legos and drawing materials.

There is no “regular” length of treatment, and many times sessions will be weekly for a period, followed by every other week. I enjoy working closely with all practitioners that are involved with the client, including pediatricians, psychiatrists, school counselors, school psychologists, speech therapists and coaches. Treatment is terminated when all parties agree that the goals have been met, the client is happy, and the parents are satisfied.

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